Project X - Mahalo to First Responders & Military Members


If you are a First Responder or member of the Military, you can use the code 'MAHALO' for 15% OFF anything in our store. Stickers, masks, tees, name it. While it won't work with other discounts, I hope it does provide a benefit. It's a very small token of our appreciation.

Todd here,
September 11, 2001 seems so long ago, and yet the memories of that day are still very easily recalled. We normally make some type of offer to First Responders and Military members on this day but I wanted to reach out with some additional words.

Today we want to give our thanks to those who rush in, when others rush out. It's a hard job. I also want to acknowledge that we face many additional challenges this year. As I type this, families are losing their homes to fires, the air is thick with smoke, and our community feels more separated than I can ever remember.

I don't have answers for all these things, but I can tell you that we will continue to try and be a positive force of change in the world. I owe it to my son, wife, family and YOU. I am always available for additional feedback or if you just need to reach out because the weight of it all is simply too much.